OMG....Isabelle is fabulous. My husband and I bought a condo in Asheville (we live in Boston) and needed to furnish it. We have no design sense what so ever and tried working with some stores and doing it ourselves and after many long hours and several trips to Asheville, we were no where. I found Isabelle on Houzz and we loved her from the moment we met her. She understood our project and what we were trying to accomplish. She met us at a local store and in 2 hours we had several items picked out and the start of something great. She took the project and ran with it as we had to get back to our busy lives in Boston. She completely furnished the entire condo in 3 weeks. We love what she did and want to have her come and decorate our primary residence. She is amazing to work with, very creative, hard working and gets the job done. HIghly recommend her and will definitely use her again.




We just finished a project with Blue Lotus Home Designs. Isabelle has an exceptional eye for design; just the right balance of chic and whimsical to achieve feng shui. She and her team are professional, hard working, trustworthy and focused on 100% customer satisfaction. We had a limited time to get the work completed. Her team willingly worked weekends and extra hours to get the job done perfectly. We will hire again for future work.
MAY 2018

Isabelle brought her magic to my new little home that was challenged by big furniture that I loved and an eclectic mix of art that was all very meaningful to me. No matter what I did, my ground floor living area persisted in looking a bit like my college apartments - a haphazard of favorite things that never felt 'pulled together'. I had played with the layout many times, had friends comment, but our efforts always left my small space feeling small and cluttered. Isabelle brought her eye, sense of balance and design, and transformed my place. Same small room, same large furniture, same art, but now it feels spacious and FLOWS! The furniture has been moved in a way that had not yet been thought of, and the art rehung including a few pieced borrowed from other spots in the house. She made it all come together!. My home not only feels better, it's even more functional that it was before, opening up my eating area, and home entrance. I am particularly appreciative that Isabelle took my hesitations/stress in stride, listened for what was really important to me, and pulled it all together in such a delightful way. Thank you Isabelle!

Isabelle is a real design pro. She has great insights for improving the look and feel of our condo. She is able to understand and bring out our ideas even if we are vague in describing them. She works quickly and keeps the ideas coming so that we have choices rather than simply accepting off the shelf design concepts. She's very insightful in interpreting our own ideas, but is also accommodating on things that we have particular feelings about. She really has the big picture in focus and keeps the project on track. We couldn't have done it without her. We would definitely use her services again for projects large and small.
JUNE 2017

Isabelle is a highly professional and talented designer from start to finish. She really took my vision and brought it to life all the way to the fine details and turned my house into a home. I love my beautifully decorated home! Thanks Isabelle!

My wife and I are newly married and, rather than bring any furniture we had acquired in prior relationships, we decided to start from scratch. So we hired Isabelle to design and furnish our newly rented 3-bedroom condo and we're so glad we did! Isabelle started by interviewing each of as to our goals for the space as well as our likes and dislikes. She then moved into high gear, selecting paint colors, window furnishings, artwork and furniture that would create the utility and feel we were looking for. I've never felt so "at home" in any place I've lived, nor have I felt so proud to have friends and family over to bask in the understated elegance Isabelle created for us.

If you're looking for a true "house whisperer" to design or upgrade your space, Isabelle is your gal!

We hired Ms. Richard to design and furnish a 3 room office space for our startup company. She choose a "rustic industrial" feel for the office and her choice of carpeting, paint color of the walls, and window coverings was nothing short of inspiring. Through the use of her professional discounts and craigslist, she was able to furnish the office for a fraction of what other designers had bid - without compromising on quality or appearance. Working under a very tight timeline, she completed everything in time for our Holiday Party - at which several attendees (most of whom were industry colleagues) oh'd and ah'd at the design. If you are looking for an interior designer to setup or upgrade your office space, I would highly recommend Ms. Richard.

I chose to work with Isabelle at Blue Lotus Designs based on the interaction I had with her and the portfolio I viewed of her work. It became very clear to me within our first few interactions that Isabelle not only had great taste, she was genuinely concerned about understanding my taste as well! She worked diligently with me to come up with the exact look and feel I was dreaming of! Her price was very competitive with what I found in the industry and I was so happy I decided to go with her. I enjoy the work she did every day and when I have another home or office project, she will definitely be the designer I go to! She is seriously awesome!
APRIL 2016

The entire experience was very professional, pleasurable and energetic. Ms. Richard was an excellent listener and worked diligently to make our visions of colors, styles and tones flow throughout our project. We would have no hesitation in hiring her again.
MAY 2016

We just bought a villa in Hendersonville and had Isabelle furnish and decorate it. She did an amazing job and we were blown away when we saw the final result. Highly recommend her.

We had a short time to turn this old summer family vacation cabin into a sweet little vacation getaway. Isabelle came with a tool box full of great ideas and a no-nonsense approach. With a very modest budget she was able to help us create an inviting sense of romance the cabin never had before and in record time. Isabelle literally rolled up her sleeves and helped make it happen. I highly recommend her services.
JULY 2015

Following a divorce and looking around at my ’20+ something’ home in dire need of a total ‘makeover’ including color updates, new appliances, lighting, furnishings, repairs, paint, etc., and wanting to express my new found sense of ‘Self’, made me seek out an interior designer. After much searching, I hired Blue Lotus Home Design’s principle designer, Isabelle Richard.

From the initial meeting and going forward, Isabelle was punctual and efficient which worked well with my busy schedule. She was willing to handle the multitude of details involved in a total ‘makeover’ from design concept beginning with a new color palette, to appliance delivery, retrofitting and painting kitchen cabinets, selecting new lighting, fans, hardware updates, and bathroom remodel. These are some of the processes involved to create an overall inspiring design concept that would bring warmth, and the eclectic -organic feel of the out doors, in. The outcome, although seemingly effortless, was an elegant style, with a simple organic feel of ‘undecorated’ matching my personal tastes and wants.

Her skill set in recognizing my tastes and sourcing furnishings and decor was done with complete efficiency and attention to detail. She was never intrusive nor did she feel the need to bother me with minimal details. Remarkably, Isa developed a profound understanding of my tastes, style and vision of what I aspired to experience when walking into my home after long hours of work. Walking into my new space felt refreshing, calming, and organically rich and uplifting.

During this 6 month project, the entire main floor of my home was completely remodeled and redecorated. The space changed from cluttered and outdated to a contemporary yet open feel in which the natural lighting and expansive picturesque views were maximized.

She was always careful to use quality subcontractors including painters and carpenters, and always made sure that they executed their tasks indicated to match her high standards. With her connections and collaboration with local artists, bringing in local talent also added a real “Asheville” feel to my home. But, most importantly, Isabelle was willing to over see and handle the time consuming details from all decor, furnishings, appliance, deliveries and installation and was always helpful in other ways with decluttering and professionally re-organizing the entire home from the kitchen pantry, sourcing new dish ware/containers for kid’s lunches, re organizing kid’s rooms, storage closets and the list goes on.

The before and after pictures of my home speak volumes and highlight the depth of her design skills. The finished product is the best expression of my tastes, with visual appeal, capturing a sense of soul, and comfort. It feels warm, lived in, and above all, personal.

I would highly recommend her services to anyone, and always appreciate her candor, kindness and cheerfulness. Thanks for a job well done Isa.
MARCH 2015

When I first talked to Isabelle Richards of Blue Lotus Home Designs I knew I had found the right person. She is so organized, knowledgeable of all kinds of products, and not only a wonderful stager and decorator but an amazing person. She was able to help me find the right tile for two bathrooms I was remodeling, knowing just what was my style and how I wanted the house to feel after only an hour or so of talking. She just read my mind and found exactly what I wanted so easily. She sent me dozens of pictures and samples of products such as lighting, cabinetry, tile patterns, tubs, and so much more.

Isabelle needless to say was hired by me to help with several projects and I was thoroughly pleased. We became friends through the process and found she is a kind and caring person who works so very hard to make sure she meets all her commitments. She is a gem and will serve anyone who needs decorating advice, staging, or help with a room. Just call Isabelle.

I was listing my home for sale in Weaverville NC and selected Isabelle Richards and Blue Lotus Home Designs to do the staging after reviewing several similar companies online. Isabelle is very talented, with a great sense of space, energy and flow necessary for a potential buyer to connect to. My very special home and its multiple amenities had a lot to offer a buyer, and Isabelle was “right on” with how to emphasize these amenities in a tasteful yet dramatic fashion. She saw the final outcome right away and went to work painting, moving, creating, introducing me to her contacts to create special touches, working efficiently and swiftly. I had a handyman in the house as well, and she worked in tandem with the contractor to get the job done on time. She was fair in her pricing, stayed with budget, and was highly accountable on a daily basis for the transformation process taking place.

I am more than excited and extremely happy with the outcome. Already the house has received much attention after being listed for less than a week.

Isabelle did a fantastic job of changing our home from cavernous and cold to warm and inviting. The furnishings are a perfect fit to make each room look large, as well as homey. The home decor, art and accessories created a space that could easily allow someone to feel they could move in their suitcase and live there today.

This home was on the market with another company for over a year. The owner agreed to let Isabelle stage it and it sold within 2 weeks. Great job!

When we finally decided to sell our home I knew I needed help. I've had a love/hate relationship with it...loved the home and location but never could pick and choose or arrange from what we had to make it a peaceful home. I knew I wanted neutral walls but not what to use. Isabelle's color choice was exactly what was needed and her choice of items from our furniture and arrangement of it has given me the calmer atmosphere and breathing room I was looking for. I know that anyone looking at the home will feel what I now feel. She did her work with passion, skill, and efficiency while keeping within my financial framework. I would recommend her without ANY reservations.

As a real estate photographer I have worked with Isabelle on several occasions. I was so impressed with her talents and professionalism that I asked her to help me update my own home. I am so pleased with the results! I highly recommend her to home owners and realtors alike.

Being a guy on the go with little talent for design or color selection I was excited to find out about the services Blue Lotus offered. With a no restraint offer to Ms Richard for a bedroom and bath makeover I was pleasantly surprised upon my return. Integrity, talent, confidence, hardworking , and trust are a few words I would use to describe the experience! Highly recommend their services.
JULY 2014

Isabelle at Blue Lotus Home Designs was able to help me with my space planning over the phone and on Skype. She was very professional and was a great help to me, I would highly recommend Isabelle to my family and friends. I feel she is very efficient and uses her time well, she not only saved me a lot of time but also the headache of having to deal with it myself.

Very creative and doable solutions! Organized, prompt and respectful of budget. Attentive to my style and plans. Helped me avoid costly mistakes in my project. I would hire her again!

I've been so pleased and impressed with the work that Isabelle has done with my listings! She has staged three homes for my clients in the last few weeks, and the first one went under contract with the second buyer who looked. The second one went under contract with the first buyer who came in. The homes look stylish and welcoming, and ready for an architectural magazine shoot! She has also helped another client de-clutter and work with her existing furniture and the results were great as well! Thanks Isabelle!
MAY 2014

I have relied on Blue Lotus Home Designs for several listings that I needed staged. Isabelle has such a knack for taking a cluttered & outdated space and transforming it into a warm, inviting & breathtaking area without investing a fortune. Her skill and professionalism have made my job as a listing agent so much easier...what a wonderful ally to have in a competitive market. I would recommend Isabelle & Blue Lotus to anyone in need of expert design ideas & transformation! Thanks Blue Lotus for an excellent job!