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Are You Planning a Remodel?

Are you planning to remodel your home in the Asheville, NC area? Connect with Blue Lotus Home Designs today. Our designer can help you obtain a superior vision for your new bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, living room or other interior space. She will:

  • Help you develop a unified design plan.
  • Make recommendations for new features.
  • Work with a general contractor to achieve your vision.

Schedule a phone or Skype interview with our designer. Call (828) 571-0570 today.

Before and After Living Room Remodel
Before and After Living Room Remodel

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Asheville AirBnB Design for Condo
Asheville Urban Rustic Remodel
Asheville Condo Traditional French Country
Boulder Tri-Level Townhome
Asheville Home Transitional Update
Beaver Point Remodeled for Resale
Color Correction and Redesign Asheville
Asheville Staging - Occupied
Burnsville Feng Shui and Staging for Resale
Hendersonville Urban Rustic Design
Feng Shui Staging for Resale
1950s Color Correction Staging for Resale