Home Color Consultations

Blue Lotus Home Designs has a vast knowledge when it comes to choosing the perfect color for you. This practice is part science and part art. Paint color selection involves precision and years of experience with an eye for bringing out architectural features, using depth of color, hues and tones from one room to another. And, knowing which ones are true colors or whether they pull out reds and greens, is important to know before one begins the painting process.

Color hues may come through in certain lighting, and sometimes due to existing surrounding, like a bed spread or carpet color, the paint color you choose from a one inch square will look dramatically different once it is on the wall!

This is why we begin with creating large, mobile 3 x 4 ft. painted boards so you may easily walk through your home and place them in different room to see how those colors will look during different times of the day. For instance, morning light will influence a particular room or singular wall differently than afternoon lighting, depending on how your home sits on its lot. So we take everything into account from sun rise, sunsets, southern or northern exposure change how a color may

Another aspect of the selection process is how bedrooms, for instance, are a place of rest and selecting the color to reflect that mood will affect the quality of restfulness. Since colors affect mood, and offer healing properties, clients are often drawn to certain color groups and they are not sure why. We explore of of this so that you have the
appropriate color for you. We are experts at matching the residents, and the architecture while producing a design statement which evokes a sense of welcome, ease and well being. With decades of practicing this, we guarantee that we will work together with you to select the perfect color depth and tone, with the exact amount of 'soft' yet ‘bold’,
just right for you, and for each room of your beautiful home.

We guarantee that you will love the results!
Isabelle Richard
Founder/Principal designer

Paint Consultation Asheville