Los Angeles Interior Design

Los Angeles based interior designer, Isabelle Richard initially founded Blue Lotus Home Designs (BLHD),  as a home staging company, and became certified in 2013 by Home Staging Resources out of Los Angeles, California to service the real estate seller's market. Many real estate professionals reached out to BLHD in need of this service. With staging properties prior to selling, realtors and their clients experience positive feedback from the field, selling for full asking price in the shortest amount of time, often producing multiple offers.

When Blue Lotus Home Designs, Isabelle Richard turns a run-down, empty house into a luxurious, artistically curated home, buyers immediately connect and envision themselves in that lifestyle captivating them to put in their offer. It has been documented that deals go smoother, and properties gain their full value with professional staging. 

With many years of home staging projects executed, re-design and renovations emerged organically from repeat clients wanting new transformations from the talented ‘property whisperer’, 'space-energy shifter'!

Isabelle Richard is connected to a source that comes from pure inspiration. Ms. Richard acutely understands how impactful cosmetic renovations can transform one's personal wellbeing and overall health which inspired her to study the Art of Feng Shui to further implement those principles in all of her designs. Most client walking into a completed project cannot visually comprehend the peacefulness and energetic balance that is tangible and this is the sign of a true design Feng Shui master. This is the secret sauce that is hard to find in a designer. This is not taught in school...

When Isabelle shows her clients her ideas to energize or quiet the spacial field, her clients are immediately "on board"! When the WOW factor is in place and the transformation completed, her clients understand that their investment will bring a greater return on all levels.
Asheville Interior Design by Isabelle Richard

Other interior design services that Isabelle and her team provide are remodeling and updating  homes for any and all stages of life from preparing the new nursery to consolidating and redesigning for "empty nesters" to remodeling extra space into an AirBnB suite for an additional income stream.

We are a call/text/email away from turning your dreams into reality.